Saturday, May 17, 2014

Energy Costs and Land Use

Every time that I see an article about energy costs, it makes me glad that I live in a city.  I predict that my energy usage is probably less than 25% of a normal Americans.  Why, is it because I change my everyday life to live without?  Nope.

Living in shared space (an apartment / condo) in a larger building is inherently energy efficient.  Even more so if there is shared heat / water.  The fact that I don't need a car means that there is no car payment, no oil changes, no need to buy gasoline.  That's the benefit to walking.

So, for the city dweller, a change in energy costs means next to nothing.  For Joeanne Six Pack heating and cooling her exurban McMansion and driving everywhere, well, a small change means big hurt.

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