Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Entertainment Lineup Coming to Allentown

I don't think that it would be possible to have a better entertainment line up coming to Allentown this Summer.  First, there are the Eagles.  Enough said.  Number one best selling band of all time.  It was a hell of a get for a mid size city, but it just goes to show how powerful the draw of the new arena is.

What about all the talk that people will be too afraid to come to the downtown with all of its drugs and gangs and what not.  Once again, an utter myth spread by a few haters.  The arena actually had to suspend sales during the American Express advance ticket purchase window because they were going sell out before tickets could be purchased by the general public.  Then, once they did go on sale, they sold out in under two hours.  That's a huge show of support for the downtown.

The next show is Cher.  I'm not a huge fan myself, but over on the WFMZ website there were about 20 comments with people from all walks of life absolutely psyched about the show---and not just that---but about the fact that Cher was coming to their own backyard.  That's what the NIZ is all about, making Allentown vibrant enough that the town is self supporting of everything you need to live.

And, finally, it was just announced that a rodeo is also coming to town.  I think that's great.  The lehigh valley is still, in many ways a rural and agricultural place.  Just like the Great Allentown Fair, the rodeo ties people in the city to the country side.  Its a great throw back.

At this point, it is getting harder and harder for the haters to hate.  Allentown is coming back stronger than ever.


  1. Not allentown related... but went to a concert in steelstacks this week. (Modest Mouse) That venue is HANDS DOWN the best concert venue I have ever been to anywhere.

    There is literally not a bad seat (area?) in the house. The ambiance of the steetstacks in amazing.

    Bigger picture, the LV really is blossoming into a successful destination for live music/concert events. Allentown's arena has a tougher path to success then steelstacks, but with good programming it can succeed.

    The key is the Phantoms. Arenas live and die by the anchor tenant. Having the wildly popular minor league affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers who are located just 60 miles south is HUGE.

    Without that anchor to consistently put butts in seats on a regular basis (therefore exposing X amount of people regularly to essentially a giant advertisement for other arena events...) the arena would suffer.

    Can't stress enough importance of the anchor and the strength I think of the phantoms as a draw.

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