Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Transportation Tuesday: the Rosegarden and LVCI Doubling Down on Stupidity

A quick note about the concept of Transportation Tuesday.  I think that by any measure, any sane person would admit that the non-car transportation infrastructure in the Lehigh Valley is absolutely attrocious.  Not only that, but virtually nothing has been done to improve that fact.  This while cities all over the U.S. are preparing for a time when the car will no longer be king.  For reasons of consonance, I am picking Tuesday to browbeat public officials about the fact that they ought to be making better transportation choices.

Enough said about the philosophy, lets talk politics.  This week's Transportation Tuesday post considers the news out of West Bethlehem that the city is about to bulldoze under part of the rose garden to make room for a temporary parking lot for a middle school.  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Martin Towers and its massive parking lots are less than a mile from the site that this about to happen.  Why not make the teachers park at Martin Tower and walk in.  Hell, the kids walk further than that to get to school.  Here is my whole article about the situation.  Like it or not bulldozing under the rose garden for a temporary parking lot is the type of trade off you have to make when you run a town where you value the car more importantly than any other mode of transportation.  There can be no clearer and more causal link of cars destroying public space and undermining urban aesthetics than BULLDOZING A ROSE GARDEN to make way for a PARKING LOT.  Dumb.  And this from a city that calls it self the most walkable in the Valley.  Jokes.
Bike Infrastructure in Europe.

And then there is this from the ever assinine LVCI:  Urbanologists without Cars.  In a bit of crack reporting, LVCI runs down all the ways in which it is inconvenient to live in the Valley without a car.  No shit? tell us more!  From this he concludes that we should double down on car infrastructure.  Whoaaa there Spartacus.  Us "urbanologists" want to change the development patterns so that a car is not required.  We want to live in a downtown where there are parks, and vets, and doctors, and all that stuff you mention in walking distance.  That is our promised land.  We don't have that now because people like LVCI thought it would be good to structure the world in such a way that you NEEDED a car to get to essential services.  Good (maybe) if you are wealthy an live in the 'burbs.  Bad if you are poor and in a city and need access to stuff like, I don't know, food.  My grandparents, (probably like LVCI's) lived in Allentown and they got along fine without a car.  This isn't some mythical utopia we are vying for, just a workable city that existed pretty well in Allentown for a long time.


  1. So let me get this straight, What Am I Getting From Big Government?

    It is okay for you to write a headline that attacks LVCI and calls him stupid.

    But it is not okay for ME to call YOU stupid.

    Do I have this correct, Progressive Liberal Democrat hack?

  2. It is okay for you to attack Molovinsky and call him a racist ... but it is not okay for me to call you a Progressive Liberal Democrat puke?

    I'm just trying to understand the rules of your game.

  3. No, you can call me stupid all you want. I totally support that. Though, I am guessing from the way in which you write and your paragraph structure that you are in fact LVCI.

    1. I never, never, ever comment under any name other then LVCI... And I rarely leave comments on others blogs. Your accusation accusing me of something I haven't done is exactly why I stopped.. I can guarantee you one thing, I will never ever again leave comments here.

      My comment on your other post was the only one I left in over a month on another person's blog. The reason is it always goes badly for me. Thanks for reminding me again of the kind of BS I get when I participate with others

    2. I'm sorry that you feel like that LVCI, but, feel free to visit any time you like. Your comments are always welcome.

    3. The anonymous comments come from Rolf Oeler. His repetitive phrases and grammar are his calling card. LVCI whose is anonymous as well does always post using the name LVCI. Just google Rolf Oeler and Molovinsky and you will see what I am talking about.

  4. Well hold on there buddy. I never called molovinsky a racist. I suggested that the policies that led to suburban subsidization at the federal and state level were motivated by racism in the 1950s. There is a big difference in being the person who develops the policies and someone who gets swept along with white flight.

    And, you could call me a progressive but you have to explain why it is true. I just responded to you saying that I am actually quite conservative. I believe in free markets, deregulation of land use, and a curtailment of social programs. Those are all conservative ideologies. Don't call me a progressive, because i am not one.

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